Screenwriter, Director, 
Co-Editor, Actor: Joel Moffett
Short film (17 minutes)
Producer: Greg Hobson 


Synopsis: Horsepower is the story of Murray Meadows, middle-aged, closeted man who hides from his life as a straight-laced professional automobile critic by immersing himself in Internet pornography. This works for Murray until Harold, his eccentric gay boss, tries to help. In rejecting Harold’s advances, Murray triggers a bizarre breakdown in his life and in his precious new car. In the end, when all is lost, Murray discovers help from an unlikely source.



Best LGBT Short Film

–London Independent Film Festival


Best Short Film

–Kent Film Festival


Best Faculty Short

–George Lindsey UNA Film Festival


Best LGBT Short Film

–Cannes Independent Film Festival


Best Short Film/Buster Keaton 

Comedy Award

–Muskegon Film Festival


Best LGBT Short Film

–Toronto Independent Film Festival


Honorable Mention

–Columbus International Film Festival


Festival Screenings:


Hawaii International Film Festival 

(World premiere)


Muskegon Film Festival 


Kent Film Festival


George Lindsey UNA Film Festival 


Washington D.C. Independent

Film Festival


London Independent Film Festival 


Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee 


Crossroads Film Festival


Open APPerture Short Film Festival


Cannes Independent Film Festival 


Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner (film market)


Jacksonville Film Festival


Big Island Film Festival


ReelHeART International Film Festival


Parabox Montclair International

Film Festival


Nickel Independent Film Festival


Real to Reel International Film Festival


UFVA Conference


Toronto Independent Film Festival


Moondance International Film Festival


Rivers’ Edge International Film Festival 


Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival 


Port Townsend Film Festival


New Orleans Film Festival


Columbus International

Film + Video Festival




“Horsepower is a delightful short…. Joel Moffett as Murray is a comic gem, especially as his anxiety mounts to a fever pitch, ending in a hilarious breakdown (reminiscent of Jack Lemmon’s performance in 1970’s The Out of Towners).” 


– The Washington Blade




“Horsepower masterfully creates an
Oz-like world that is imaginative and
gorgeously made, if extremely perverse” 


–The Jackson Press