US Tour

Writer and Director:  Joel Moffett


During the summer of 1989 Alison, Jana and I traveled across the country in our old bobtail truck (affectionately named “Bertha”), performing for homeless people in soup kitchens and shelters. Although we had some modest grant support, we were really near homeless ourselves, and survived primarily on handouts, generic peanut butter and jelly, and occasional wire transfers from our terrified families. There were some pre-planned performances, but our adventure largely revolved around driving into the worst parts of each city and spontaneously setting up shop until the cops shooed us away. Daily breakdowns forced us into some insanely precarious situations. 





  • Santa Fe homeless comrades throwing countless loaves of bread on our stage in thanks for one of our better performances

  • Partying with Mississippi crabbers

  • Shacking up with our saviors Roy and Nancy in the slums of Baltimore 

  • Getting kicked out of Washington Square Park and escorted off the island of Manhattan by a throng of bewildered NYPD cops.

  • Selling Bertha to a small traveling circus in Chicago for $200